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MILE HIGH NORML - interview with Chaz and Shan Moore
Chaz Moore A.K.A. "Bill Smith"

Charlotte and Chaz
Chaz with the newest Bill Smith Kid, "Charlotte Smith"

"Bill Smith" started his fight as a 16-year-old, but has since reached adult-hood. Now, Chaz Moore is speaking every opportunity he can to advicate for the other children who have needed cannabis, like he does.

He suffers from a rare condition called Myloclonus Diaphragmatic Flutter. This condition causes his upper body to go into convulsions. Without treatment, the convulsions can last as long as 48 hours. After a year spent in hospitals and dreading each doctor visit, he and his family finally gave in to the advice of two nationally recognized hospitals and agreed to try medical marijuana.

I am making this website for the kids that can't speak out for themselves for whatever the reason is. I'm starting the Bill Smith fund for kids that CANNOT get the meds in the place where we spend a lot of our time: schools. My school wouldn't let me come back after taking my meds (MMJ), the way the school talk to my dad and me was not right.

I wasn't asking to smoke weed in the bathroom, I just wanted to eat my candy so I can go back to class so I can get through to college. These kids are going to have a hard time just getting into a school that is close to their house so they can take their meds. Who is looking out for the kids? It is the few of us that are out there have no help.

Everyone says "help the kids," "look out for your kids." But when we find a med that works our parents are bad people and we should be punished. That is how they make me feel.

I'm starting this fund for the Bill Smith kids: myself and other children who are red card holders. Our parents have chosen a healthier form of medicine. I'm not going down to the corner and buying a bag off a drug dealer. I go to a legal dispensary which sells my medicine and has record of it. I believe that marijuana is not a negative drug 'cuz to me it's the healthy plant.

The money we get is not going towards the 2012 total legalization, this is just for the kids. We need to help our next generation.

Chaz at the GreenLeaf420 Expo

An attack seizes Chaz Moore's body, stealing much of his breath. Spasms in his throat, lungs and diaphragm cause the 17-year-old to speak in hiccups, one syllable at a time. Feb 23, 2012

Chaz at ER high on morphine, VALIUM and XANAX

Chaz having a mild 'flutter'

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